Recent Restoration in the Oratory Church

St Wilfrid’s Chapel - COMPLETED

The recent restoration of St Wilfrid’s Chapel has now been completed with the addition of a handsome crystal chandelier. This replaces another chandelier that was destroyed some years when its chain broke. The new chandelier was generously donated by a generous parishioner in loving memory of Rose Riachy.

Baptistery - completed

Thanks to a kind benefactor, the Oratory’s Baptistery has recently been restored and redecorated, providing a much brighter and cleaner setting for administering the laver of regeneration.

St Mary Magdalene’s Chapel - completed

Other generous donations have now made it possible to finance a complete renovation of the chapel of St Mary Magdalene. One of the architectural highlights of the church, it had become disfigured by peeling paint and the deposit of decades of soot from candles and London grime. Work was finished in December 2014, and this corner of the church is now restored to its original glory.

St Patrick’s Chapel - COMPLETED

After a thorough project of restoration, St Patrick’s chapel is now unveiled and back in use for the celebration of Holy Mass and Baptisms. This renovation was made possible by the generosity of benefactors who made generous donations for the purpose, and for the restoration of the adjoining war memorial. This part of the church, which in recent years has been bathed in gloom, is once again gleaming and beautiful. It is to be hoped that the new "environmentally friendly" votive candles will produce much less grime than those previously in use. The Oratory Fathers are most grateful to all those who contributed to this project..

The Oratory Fathers pray regularly for all Oratory benefactors.

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